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BlueScope Lysaght – Technology is the centre for innovation for BlueScope Lysaght.

Based in Australia, innovation here can range from new products to meet market needs, new systems to deliver product or software solutions to the market, of the design, acquisition and commissioning of manufacturing equipment.

A world-class centre for excellence in the development of light gauge steel products, BlueScope Lysaght – Technology, strives to constantly achieve optimal product performance by continuously finding new ways to build smarter, faster and cheaper.

BlueScope Lysaght – Technology was recently asked by the Australian Building Codes Board to help set the standards governing engineering software and also assisted the development of the Chinese and Indian Building Codes for light gauge steel framed structures.

Some of the major tests done at our laboratory include:

  • Full-scale pressure tests using our direct-pressure testing rig,
  • Impact testing of two compressed air guns to simulate the effects of hail and cyclone-borne debris on claddings,
  • General testing of point-load test rigs applied at multiple points,
  • Product differentiation using engineering or detailing software to optimise product performance

Equipped with a globally recognised NATA-registered laboratory and engineering software like SUPRACADD® for designing and detailing of steel framed structures; and MegaFloor which designs entire flooring system using LYSAGHT® structural decking product, our systems have developed a level of sophistication few, if any, can match.

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